Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turning into my Mother

Growing up there were some strict rules in my house.

Don't lie.
Pick up after yourself.
 If we were caught using those heavy black handled scissors for anything but fabric or thread there would be a price to pay.  

I cannot find my sewing scissors tonight and I have already caught two boys using them to make paper dragons with last week.

Being slightly upset by this scissor injustice has just made me realize I am becoming my mother.
(Not that there's anything wrong with you mom.)

Now if you were scissors...where would you be?


Kitty said...

My Mommy always said the same things to me. I thought her scissors must have been better than the one's in the kitchen. I recently bought a new pair of fancy sewing scissors and I found my self giving Daniel the very same talking to. Scissors mean business!

love love,

kjtroxel said...

I am with you...your mom is great! embrace being just like her. I too am just like my mom!