Friday, December 10, 2010

Flower Hair Clips

Hammer!  Hammer!  Hammer!

Do you hear the delightful sounds of baseboards going in?


Dan has been working hard so we get our carpet out of that warehouse and into the basement! 

I've been waiting for my laundry/craft room to be finished before I set up my sewing machine - so I've been having fun making these little flowers for gifts instead of any major projects...

 I made a set of 16 for a woman who lives near me...look at all that gorgeous red satinyness  
(What?  You can't see it because of the poor quality photo?  Santa's working on fixing that problem I hope!) 

Only problem with these cuties is that I keep setting them aside for Lauren and I to wear!
I did list a few in my Etsy shop today...I guess I'll share, a little!