Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Frugality

I'm going to be Debbie Downer for a minute here.  Every blog I go to is talking about Christmas shopping, what to get who and buy, buy, buy.  No one is really mentioning being smart and having a budget for Christmas.
Because what fun is THAT?

Well, if you read (or lurk) my alter ego blog
 you know that Dan and I have put ourselves on a budget.  As in write down every penny we spend budget.  



Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Um - we write every penny down also. It's a pain, but worth it.

Alisa said...

We try try try but aren't great at it and are continually working on it. It's really the best way to be. I always try to stick to a budget for Christmas. It's tough but I have to remind myself that most of the STUFF is broken so quickly that it really isn't worth it.

Some years we have recycled gifts. We pull out the toys the kids have outgrown and have them spruce them up and wrap them up for a younger brother or sister. They are so excited to give away their old prized possession and it is easy on the wallet.

Anonymous said...

Christmas shopping is probably the most dangerous one. I was trying to be all about money-savvy this time, but guess what...I failed to do this. I got so occupied with buying some really good presents that I even went to a local pay day loan store. Yeah, I was kind of a obsessed with purchasing good stuff. Next year I am not gonna go beyond my budget for sure. I have learn my lesson. Thanx for the post