Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Basement Update!

We finally have all the touch up paint done in the laundry room.  Please save yourself from our drama - buy the new green Frog tape.  I will never use blue painting tape again after watching it peel off half my paint job!

Dan and I cleaned everything up this morning and he is laying the flooring down after lunch!  Whoo hooo!

 Wall where the machines will go.  I am getting (eventually) all upper and lower cabinets on this wall - one of which will hold the laundry from the laundry chute.
 South facing wall.
Cute boy sitting in his new office being smart and reading directions on the flooring.  I'm terrible at doing things like that - I'd rather just get moving.  So it's a good thing he's taking the time to do it!


Auntie D said...

Looks like we are just about at the same pace with our basements! Haven't gotten to the paint on the walls yet...still work on painting the ceiling! Looking great! Love the colors!

Emily said...

I like I like. After I used frog tape for the first time (in boston's room) I swore I would never go back. Totally worth the extra money.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I know what you mean with that blue tape...ugh! I have never heard of the green tape before but I will be sure to look for it before I start painting again. Thanks for this tip :)