Friday, November 19, 2010

Hairdresser on Fire

This post is mainly because I SHOULD be getting my hair done tomorrow and my hairdresser moved and won't call me back.

I'm thinking she broke up with me and I'm a little more than mad about it.
Do you all know Reagan?
Reagan has a blog, Hairdresser on Fire, where she answers confusing hair questions and does awesome tutorials.

I figure the girl goes to the same Starbucks as Matt Damon so she has got to know something, right? 

For us girls with bangs, they can be a challenging section of hair to work with. 
She made a life changing tutorial HERE.
My whole banged life I have been holding the brush the wrong way.
Too forward horizontal round of a brush and we look like this:
Whoa-ho, whoa-ho red hot

Thinking about using a curling iron on them? 
"What a severe suede..."
Stop before you start singing as you go-go to Wham and date yourself back to 1983
 Speaking of which if you have never listened to this album, you are missing OUT!
 Go here to hear "Heal the Pain" - one of my most favorite songs ever of his.


kjtroxel said...

well that post just made my morning!

Melinda said...

Ooo! I'm loving this blog! Thanks for the link!

Olson's said...

Ha! These pictures are so me just a few (okay, maybe 15) years ago! Thanks for the flashback :0

And you, by the way, pull off bangs the way they should be done! But sorry about your hairdresser - that's just flat-out rude!

Anonymous said...

I watched her turorial a couple days ago and then went through her blog to find all of her turorials because I think she is so darling. I can't wait until I feel like blow drying my bangs. I am SO doing it her way. I too was holding the brush wrong.