Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mike and Kelly!!

I'm a few hours past the deadline on this one but hopefully they are still out celebrating!
 I first met Kelly after my dad had picked me up from school for the semester in Idaho to drive back to California.  We stopped in Utah to pick Kelly up and drive her to Los Angeles for her flight to a study abroad in London.
My poor, poor dad.  I was sobbing the whole way because I had left a boyfriend behind and Kelly was crying after saying good-bye to Mike.  There he was with two tear stained faced girls in his backseat for 12 hours!

They now have the sweetest family!

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Kelly!


Kelly said...

Thanks Kristen! It was sort of a non-anniversary because we had a wedding, followed by a birthday party. But at least we got a sitter and got out of the house, which, after 17 years, is something.

Teresa said...

Sweet Sweet!
Happy Anniversary!
ANd Happy Thanksgiving to you Kristen!

Anonymous said...

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