Thursday, November 11, 2010

Library Etiquette

I went to our public library last night and was horrified to hear the noise as I walked in the doors.
This was the library, right?

There were some people talking in their normal outside voices, some people yelling at their children across the room, a few tweens were having a great time of playing chase/hide and seek and climbing on the brand new benches.

I won't even get into the librarians at self-check out.  
Yapping away to the point where I could barely even think.  (I have three children, I can usually function with LOTS of noise!

I get a baby crying or having a melt down, we've ALL been THAT mom and I truly empathize with you as I know it could be me the next time.  
It's like church, if your child is crying during a meeting,

Am I old fashioned?  When did it become okay to speak in anything but a whisper at the library?

Guess who checked out a book on manners in the library to read to her children?  MOI.

More and more, manners and etiquette are flying out the window due to laziness or ignorance. 
Sush your mouths, I'm trying to read!!!!


Melinda said...

Agreed! Maybe it's the Japanese in me, but etiquette was a big deal in my home growing up. It seems to have all but disappeared in current society. Weirdest faux pas I've heard lately was a guy that started clipping his toenails when his girlfriend invited friends over.

Marie said...

i agree! i volunteer once a week at the library- i work in the children's dept. kids crying, screaming, parents on cell phones! i'm new to virginia and was surprised this is okay in our local library. where i moved from in georgia, if they saw you on your phone you were asked to leave. what happened to library rules??

Fritzi Marie said...

I'm with you Sister.
You tell um'!


kjtroxel said...

So on your team!
Beka was there with her kids last night (hahaha) did you see/hear her? :)

DMSorensen said...

I totally agree!! I am shocked every time I go. Kids are running around climbing and yelling and racing! My kids are not perfect, but even they look at me and stare at the noise. I am not afraid to remind kids around me to use their quiet voices. Or not to abuse the computers. I am happy when their parents notice me talking to their kids. They obviously don't care!!

Anonymous said...

My friend Shelly also mentioned the noise when she told me she had taken her little boy to the new library. Do you think it's just because it's new and exciting? I have to admit that while I completely agree with you about the noise. But I have to admit-I always dread taking my kids to the library because I feel like they are too loud. So if it is just the excitement of the library being brand new that is making everyone talk so loud-then I am going to go before the excitement wears off. I hate being THAT Mom who's kids talk too loud.