Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You Sick of Paint Yet?

 Can you guess what is happening at my house this weekend?
Dan is going to Computer Nerd Code Camp all day tomorrow, my dad is taking boys to soccer games and my mom and I are busting a move on this 5 gallon mess o paint.

Color that won out after weeks of deliberations?

"Museum" by Kwal Paint
This gorgeousness is my laundry room that is now done. 
I love you Quiet Rain paint.
 See my fun new laundry chute on the ceiling?  That will go straight into a basket in a cabinet.
 To prove how neurotic I am.  Five sample jars of paint later that look pretty much the same.
 And this is what I'm tackling in the morning.  Wish me luck!!


House of Smith's said...

I love the paint so far!
good luck!