Monday, September 27, 2010

Buying Flooring at CostCo

I've based this whole color scheme downstairs on sort of a beachie cottage look.  If I can't live by the ocean I'll bring it inland to me.

So CostCo had the PERFECT laminate flooring that I matched up to the carpet which matched to the paint.  Said flooring went on sale.  The stars were aligning....carpet was purchased.  Angels began to sing my interior designing praises...
And so we made a trip to CostCo...where they have had the flooring for over a year now. Can you tell Dan looks so happy to be there with me and two minis on a Friday afternoon.  Yeah, me neither.
 Of course we had to stop for lunch...Greg is a huge fan of the hot dogs there.
 Lauren says she is and then just takes two bites.  She is in the middle of a laugh here - such a funny face.
 We had to buy something that was not on the list but I wanted needed.  That is the CostCo rule, correct?
 And to my horror, I got home and we started to unload the car - and the thought "This doesn't look right" hit me.  I laid them side by side (the left being the one I want) and no no no...the newly purchased boards are lighter, more oakey and ALL WRONG.
Tell me you can see it?  It was glaring to me how not right these were.  So Dan was a saint once again and hauled all 10 boxes back to return them.

Good news is I found an exact match from I am just playing pricing hardball with two different stores.  I find out tomorrow which store wins and the order will be placed!  

What a mess, right?!  I could NOT be an interior designer for a living....good thing I dropped out of that major after two semesters!


kjtroxel said...

good return...but what a pain! This would be so stressing me out!!! Are you holding up or freaking out?
love you!

Kristen said...

Kristen, I feel your pain! The dye lots can vary dramatically. I have had to deal with this myself. The sad part is, so much of interior designing is spent fixing problems like this. You are lucky to have Dan as your assistant, I mean, husband. I usually have to fix problems like this during the day while Cameron is at work. I am the hauler of things wrong.... Sigh.... I cannot wait to see the final product.

Alisa said...

I can definitely see the difference and you were right to go with the one on the left. Much better!