Monday, June 14, 2010

First Grade Science Project

How cute is this boy?
He and Dan built some rocket launchers (for Cub Scouts) but Graham wanted to use it for his first grade science project.  Him and Dan worked on aerodynamics and if rockets fly higher/faster with or without fins and cones.

Being honest, I think I did REALLY well not doing this for him.  My fingers were itching to glue and cut for him.  
He did this 100% on his own.   Don't laugh at me.  I tend to want to fix things or make them done "my" way.  But it's his grade so I was only there for moral support.  And to pay for supplies. 

I am beyond excited to find an email this morning saying I was featured on Tip Junkie this weekend for Graham's Star Wars Party!  Wha?  Moi?  
I hope the paparrazzi aren't outside my door today now that I'm all famous (you KNOW I'm joking...)  That made me day though!


kjtroxel said...

Well deserved. The Star Wars party was awesome!

How cute is he. He looks so proud, as he should be. He did a great job!

Pragmatic Mom said...

I have a posting on easy and inexpensive science projects for middle school students that I wanted to share with you at

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