Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CSN Stores -- Review to Come!

As most of you are of me talking about have heard, Dan the Handyman is finishing our basement.  This sounds exciting at first but after a year, not so much.  

But we have a date with a drywall man and I'm so excited I might shave my legs, curl my hair and put on red lipstick for the event. 
We ordered our projector screen through CSN Stores on-line and I was thrilled to find I could also order a bathroom vanity through them.  Our basement bathroom is a tiny one, but they have SO many to chose from that will work for us!  Now it's just to make the decision!  Who knew shopping for bathrooms could be so much fun?
Did you know they have over 200 stores?  Crazy!
So far here is a front runner...
 I will be doing a review of one of their products here soon and I am super excited because I really think they are great! 


kjtroxel said...

OHHHH I love that vanity!
How exciting to have your basement closer to being done!