Monday, June 14, 2010

Thrifty Treasures Monday

The boys had their tennis lessons canceled due to rain so we had a few other things to do Saturday morning.  I had wanted to hit some great sales, but it seemed everything had fizzled with the rain and our very, very late start.  It was slim pickings for sales and treasures for sure.
So I'll show you my sad find first:
  I couldn't leave the cute wooden pumpkin behind for just a $1.00, right?
He'll look cute hanging somewhere around here this fall.

The boys were the lucky ones picture of them but they scored this Transformers Construction Devastator. 
I realize that unless you have boys you have zero clue of the coolness of this find.  The boys paid $5.00 for this toy.  
It retails new on Amazon for $139.00!!!
It's missing one small part but they have played with this non-stop.  I thought Graham was going to cry and go hug the lady who sold it to him!  Ha!
The toy bin also came with a Star Wars Millennium Falcon electronic toy.
Retail on that...$79.00!!!
WHAT?!  Not us!  It was free!

I love that my boys scored some amazing deals this weekend!  They are getting really good at this. 
Although...shhhh...I'm sort of looking forward to not taking them along next weekend.  As good as they are it's a bit difficult teaching them they DON'T need to take something home from each stop!


Debbiedoos said...

Those toys are so expensive...I know I have two sons...that is an awesome find. I have a party every Friday that runs til Monday....all about garage sales, thrifts etc.....would love for you to join in.