Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picnic in Provo Canyon

Went and met Dan's family up in Provo Canyon Monday night for a picnic and hike. Of course I dressed inappropriately and wore flip-flops. I do not recommend doing such a hike in said shoes. Dumb. (The shoes, not me of course!)

Great time, perfect weather and a surprise to see Tim, Sarah and Lori there!

Graham got a little dirty. Apparently my children take on my preference of footwear also.

Greg lounging and looking super cute. I love this kid. (The other two also, but you know, I didn't get a super cute picture of them so I had to play favorites for a minute.)
Gorgeous view. I didn't get a picture of the Edward and Bella meadow because a) I was too busy hiking in the mud in flip-flops and b) Dan had the camera.
Cute Dan and LuLu's transportation for the evening. It was a great spot - we'll be back for sure for another visit in correct footwear.


Melinda said...

I love Provo Canyon! Did you hike the Big Springs Trail? You mentioned an Edward and Bella meadow and that hike has an awesome one.

Kristen said...

Um, not sure - it was up past South Fork Park I think?

kjtroxel said...

Could you find it again? So pretty...I wanna go!