Friday, August 21, 2009

Date Day!

I take each of the boys for a little "date" right before school starts. Graham got his date in July (we have year round school here) and Greg is on a traditional school year schedule for preschool. So he has been patiently waiting for his turn!
School items were on the list but toys and Transformers were on this ones mind! I realized that he hardly needed anything so we got some new Transformer undies and a new shirt for the first day. I'll wait for the cold weather to hit before I see what fits him from last year or what things Graham has outgrown that Greg can use.

Greg LOVES Chili's. Dan and I took him to lunch there a year ago and he has begged to go again ever since. Sad for him because the rest of us prefer Red Robin. But today it was all about HIM!
This kids eats chips and salsa like no one else. I think he likes it even more than Dan and my brother Mike combined. He can eat his weight in chips I think.
He stayed pretty busy trying out his new toy and he told me all sort of things he was going to love about school. Toys, puppet shows, new friends, blue crayons and his nice teacher we met earlier that morning.
I let him play with the camera at home (with my help - you can see my arm steadying him!) Not too shabby of a photographer though!

Thanks Greggie John for the fun date! I think you are a super terrific little boy and I hope you have a fantastic school year! I love you!


Melissa Lester said...

Hi, Kristen! It was so nice to see your picture show up in my comments today! I hope you are doing well. I can see that Lauren has grown since I last visited!

What a sweet date you had with your little man! It is so nice to enjoy one child at a time; it just changes the whole dynamic and lets you just cherish that individual child. I don't get enough of that, except with Emma who is my only preschooler now. I must make one-on-one dates a priority too!

Kitty said...

Greg looks super cute and you look super beautiful. You always do. I love that you go on dates. Too Cute.

love love,

Amber B. said...

What a fun idea! He is a cutie! :-)

Chris said...

What a great idea! The boys must love it! Of course, I could eat my weight in chips, too. And that's a lot of weight!

P.S. You're hot! ;-)

Rae said...

I took the kids out to lunch earlier this week to Red Robin. Love it. The whole family is going out to dinner at Chili's tonight. Now everyone will be happy. :)

Melinda said...

Fun date! I like Red Robin better too, but so nice to let him choose. You look great in that picture by the way!

Kari said...

Love your tradition of taking the boys out on their own! I'm sure it makes for lots of great memories. I think I may need to hit Chili's for some chips and salsa, I'm a fan too!

Cindy said...

aww that sounds like fun! Great pic! YOu are so pretty!

kjtroxel said...

You are so cute date w/ Greg and that picof you proves it!!!
xoxox from Lake Tahoe(aka paradise)

mali said...

What a great idea!
Your picture is total cuteness!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute post! But more importantly way CUTE picture of you!