Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yard Sale Finds!, not these. But aren't they gorgeous?! Dan brought these home for me, he drove by this house on his way home from work and the family sells peonies to earn their vacation money. I thought that was pretty cool. I had spent 6 hours deep cleaning my house yesterday and he must have known I needed a reward! I smile every time I walk by them!

Still waiting for mine out front to bloom. They seem to look great but are slow to bloom this year.
THIS was my find for the day! A Kate Mack coat for Lauren for $5! It's in brand new condition. Love that! It's not her size but I'll pack it away till she grows into it. It will be before I know it I'm sure! You can't really tell in the picture but it's the palest shade of pink and has these darling tulle flowers on the lapel. The woman I bought this from along with a Ralph Lauren skirt ($1) and a few other things was SO sweet. I felt like I should invite her out to book club or something! I love friendly (and organized!) garage sale hostesses!
Found these like new Target brand shoes for Lauren for .50 cents! Perfect for this winter.

Greg heard me say I was going to check out a few sales and he begged me to come along! I have always wanted a great friend to yard sale with, who knew mine was a 4 year old!? He was a trooper! Even suggested "Mom, we might want to stop at your drink store on the way to get our tummies ready." Doughnut and chocolate milk for him, iced whatever for me and we were on our way! He negotiated a great deal on two toy dinosaurs for .25 cents each!
That's my boy!


Melinda said...

Ooo! I love peonies! That was so thoughtful of Dan. Where did you buy your plant in the front? I saw some at Costco, but they were gone in a week.

Chris said...

Peonies. LOVE them--especially if they come from a loving husband. Not that I can relate or anything... You SCORED. $5.00 for a Kate Mack?! Come on!

Jo said...

What fun finds ~ great prices to add to the fun! She will be the best dressed babe!


Emily said...

ahhh don't you just love a great yard sale? I look forward to them every week. Pretty sad I know.

kjtroxel said...

great finds! Where is the house with those peonies...I LOVE them! That was very thoughtful of Dan...what a guy!