Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Been a Week???

First I have to say thank you to my sweetie Dan and my precious babies for the GREAT Mother's Day!! I woke up to a nice breakfast and then we rushed to church since Dan and I had to speak that day! Ack! Who has a mom speak in church on Mother's Day?? I was a nervous wreck all week and Dan acted like it was no big deal. Dan's parents and three of his sisters came to help with the kids and my parents came as well. After spending some time with Dan's family we came home and had a yummy BBQ with my family. And I didn't have to do a thing! Love it!

I LOVED my gardenia corsage! There was a gardenia bush next to my grandma's driveway and every time I left her house I remember that yummy smell. We had gardenias floating in bowls at our wedding next to all of our grandparents and parents wedding photos as a way of honoring them.
We went to Greg's preschool Mother's Day program (which was two songs and a few things Greg had made for us, perfect for their 4 year old attention span - I LOVE his school!) Greg was really nervous to stand in front of all the moms and dads, so I told him just to stand up and he didn't even need to sing. I think he did great. Better than the two kids who started whining and fighting over one of the chairs!

He filled out a form about me, some funny parts were:

My mom is 9 years old.
Her best friend is my dad is. (Love that he sees that!)
My mom's favorite food is chicken enchiladas.
(My kids HATE those so whenever they are hassling me about what is for dinner I tell them we are having these, which I must do often enough now that Greg thinks I love them!)
I love my mom because she cleans my sheets! (Right from my #1 snuggler himself!)

Lauren has taken to wearing what she can find (we've found her walking around with socks on her head folks) and carrying purses. Her smile is so sweet to me here, just thinking she is one funny girl in her daddy's sweatshirt!

We are off the to library and the park - It's Friday Fun Day!!


kjtroxel said...

I love this post! You are such a great mama and such a dear friend! And that smile of Lulu's...shes so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Cute post. I had no idea you had to speak on Mother's Day!! I'm sorry! That should be against church rules-THE MEN DO ALL THE WORK ON MOTHERS DAY!! They should even teach Relief Society and tell us how important we are;)

Nic said...

Hey Girl! It's good to run onto your blog! I'm a true blog Hopper =) Your kids are the cutest! Hope it's ok but I linked you on my blog?!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I do that too!!! I love those flowers so much! I have a bush but my dad nextdoor has like four of them that are huge. I have to pick the flowers off just to keep the branches from snapping. I hope heaven smells half as good...hehe~

Nic said...

Thanks for the comment!! I hope you guys have an awesome kid free night!!