Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ward Christmas Breakfast!

IS OVER!!! Thank goodness. I have had a million details in my head the past few weeks putting this together with Dan. It seems like they would put a few couples on the committee, not just three men. Poor things. It was a simple breakfast but took a LOT of work and while it was kindof fun doing it, I'm just glad for Dan's sake that it all came together really nicely. The best part was having Santa Claus come. Poor Greg, he just ran to me crying and horrified. Santa really scared him! But Graham got into this year and was excited to see him. I loved watching all the little kids just look at Santa in awe. What a magical thing to believe this red suited man knows if you've been naughty or nice, exactly what toys you like, where you live and how to put them just so under your tree. I love having kids and seeing how Santa Claus becomes so real again through them!

What a difference two years makes...Greg was indifferent, and Graham was thinking, "No way mom, get me off this dude's lap!" This year Graham was ready to go tell him all about the Mack truck he wants and Greg was finally brave enough to say good-bye to Santa at the very end!