Sunday, December 9, 2007

Car Salesmen

Well, Dan finally agreed to face his fear of having a car payment again. It's something we really *have* to do, I refuse to let baby girl sit between two boys squished in the backseat of our current car. And we only have two more months until she arrives. So grandma and grandpa graciously agreed to watch the boys while Dan and I went out in the cruddy weather to look for new transportation.

We test drove a Saturn Outlook (pretty nice) a Honda Pilot (ok, but too small I think for three kids and my stroller) and a gulp, shoot me now, Toyota Sienna. That one I felt sick about. It did NOT help that the salesman was sure to point out that the front glove compartment locked which made it okay to store a concealed weapon and that the sunglass compartment above the rearview mirror came down to display a mirror "just like a school bus." Dan knew right then and there that the deal was dead. Even though we both love Toyota's, all I would ever have in my head driving that car would be school bus thoughts. I may be getting older but I refuse to think I have given up my last ounce of cool.

The man was obviously not putting two and two together. Um, do I *look* like a girl who is wanting concealed weapons storage space? And is that the type of girl who will also want to drive around a bus filled with eight children? Really? Excuse me, just tell me where do I plug my ipod in and maybe you could show me the fun compartments where I can store my lip gloss and my cell phone?

Needless to say we did not purchase a car last night and the hunt continues on - right on past minivans.