Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've found "The ONE!"

After HOURS of on-line hunting, reviews and comparisons and test drives, I have found the car of my dreams while I have three young kids. It cute, sporty, stylish. And I still avoid the mini van/school bus downfall that I dread.

The GMC Acadia. Ahhhhh. I'm in love. I have found my automotive soulmate. At least my soulmate while I have kids, carseats, etc. I'm sure there is a two-seater fully loaded convertible that will become my soulmate when I am 50 and not driving to swim lessons, soccer games and hanging out in the car pool lane. But until that day comes....

Only problem is now my heart is set on a car that I am ready to buy but Dan is still mulling over. Grrrr. Actually, we are quite opposite in this regard so it's good to have a husband who wants to thinks things through completely while helping me to avoid buyers remorse on such a big purchase. $40 shoes can be returned. Vehicles? Certainly not as easy as a Nordstrom return for sure!

I'm hinting for a pretty white one (because a Fink girl only likes a white car, right?) with a red bow and shiny, silver keys making a happy clinking noise in my stocking on Christmas morning! We'll see if Santa thinks I've been naughty or nice. If he thinks I've been more of the "nice" this year I'll end up with something terribly sad like a Kia or Hyundai - sigh!


Heidi Totten said...

Hey! I have a Kia and I love it! :P

Trina said...

I remember feeling that I didn't want to step foot into a minivan until I actually got one. There is more room for friends and other stuff, they drive smoothly, don't take as much gas as an SUV ... and if you didn't know, I am a minivan saleswoman. Now picture me atop a mountain singing, "I love my Hon-da! Yes, yes, I doooooo!"