Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Turning 40

Big news!  Dan turned forty on Sunday! 
 Happy Birthday babe!  He didn't want a party or anything - so I threw him one anyhow.  Because not celebrating your birthday at any age is just ridiculous.  I mean, presents?  Cake?  
What's not to love except the turning older part?

We went to Dan's parents home for a BBQ and swimming on Saturday night.  Almost his entire family lives down there and his parents have a fun CostCo type pool set up in the backyard for the kids to play in.  
Greg looks like a penguin here.  Ha!
 Aunt Lori playing Marco Polo with the kids
We could NOT get Lauren out of the pool almost the entire 6 hours we were there.  What a fishie she is!  Look at the height on that jump of hers!
 I brought my mother-in-law some roses and a card.  Now that I am raising boys I am especially grateful for her being such an amazing mother.  I sincerely hope I raise my boys to make great husbands and fathers someday, like Dan is. 
My poor nephew, Adam broke his collar bone earlier that morning.  Sad. 
 Greg and Graham on nerf gun patrol.  Greg went to some yard sales with me that morning and scored big on those - 3 large Nerf guns for $7!
 My friend Cheryl was there with her girls - Lauren adores them!
 It was also my sweet nieces birthday that day - Jane turned six! 
 Dan and his rice krispie treat cake! He doesn't like regular cake so I make him stacks of rice krispies every year and decorate that!  Funny enough, his cake was devoured in about 15 seconds flat by the group. Maybe next year I'll forget the regular cake?
Happy Birthday Dan and Jane!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan!!!! I love the Rice Krispie cake idea. I could eat an entire one of those while watching The Office reruns for like half the calories! Great idea Kristen:)