Friday, August 24, 2012

Pinterest Impossible

I know I can't be the only one who is drawn to life on Pinterest.  Where every kitchen is pristine and white, you are super cool crafty mom doing cutesie smarty pants things with your kids and dressing in size 4 amazingly accessorized outfits, each with it's own $500 coordinating handbag.  (Thank you Polyvore...thank you.)
(This outfit is SO ME by the way...except the heart earrings, I hate heart shaped jewelry even though everyone always gives it to me? Ok, the ring is cheesy too...I like it without the words.  But bling watch?  Mixed with tennis shoes and a hoodie?  Oh yeah.)

I LOVE Pinterest.  
LOVE it.  I want to marry it.  I only WISH I had been the one to come up with the idea so I could buy a Pinterest looking dream house. 

It's fun, relaxing and I decided today to actually make something I had pinned.  Shocker.  I've *heard* of people doing this, but could it really be done??
 I found one for 5 crock pot meals in 1 hour.  Here.
 Gathered up my ingredients.  I did have to pick up a few extras at the store for $45 (mostly meat)
Labeled my bags.
And no joke...if it hadn't been for stopping a few times to cry over onions and to help Lauren, this would have only taken me ONE HOUR.  I made these 5 meals plus one in the crock pot for dinner.  It was the Honey Garlic Chicken and!
I'm going to have to refrain from pinning now and then and start making more things! 

Have you made anything you've pinned?   
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classic • casual • home said...

Just started pinning fashion instead of just interiors...this is going to help me dress better...I hope!

Twice as Nice said...

LOVE pinning too! I want to do the crock pot freezer bags too. I love all the ideas for decorating. I just wish I had the time to complete some of my pins! Have a great week.