Friday, May 4, 2012

Square Foot Garden

I was so disappointed with my square foot garden last year.  
I had high hopes for bushels of tomatoes (or even just a bowlful?) and lofty dreams of pickling.  For some reason, the garden just didn't do very well.  I still ended up making two batches of salsa, but I had to supplement quite a bit of the ingredients from our local stand to make it happen.

So I was mad at my garden and the minute it turned cold I just ignored it.  So two weeks ago, when I wanted to plant, instead of it being easy, I had a project to take care of.
Is this miserable or what?  
Mel would come and take my Square Foot Garden manual away from me and smack me in the head if he saw this.
 I promise, I do not live in the ghetto.  I just like pretending I do?  What the...
My generous friend Kari gave me some starts from her yard last year and I am proud to say that those are coming back and doing well.  So I am not a total failure here. 
This area...I just don't know what to do with it yet.  Dan likes dumping the grass clippings here.  I think we need a plan B. 
 This is not attractive.
 Did you know that tomato plants don't really love growing in pots? 
 I do now.  
 While I've been out getting the garden ready for this year I decided to take out these"decorative" bushes (decorative being a term used very loosely here...) and Dan built us a second box.  We wanted to have more space for tomatoes, zucchini and we have a grand plan for growing "up" in this space.
My job was to buy the grow mix - which also involved me vacuuming out my car twice over to get the smell out.  Gross. 
 And here is the box!  
We need to get the grids in still also.  I think gardening is so much fun for our family to do together.  I'll post some pictures this weekend of the finished products from clean up and construction out here!


Kari said...

My garden didn't work out so great last year either. Must have been something in the water, couldn't have been us! :) We'll keep our fingers crossed it's a better harvest for us this go around!