Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living Room Re-Design

My friend, Kristen (isn't that the cutest name, ever?) owns an interior design business called Personalized Interiors.  And because she only has FOUR boys and is not busy at all...she re-designed my hard to figure out great room space.  
It is one of those rooms that looks great in the model...and then when your own things go in you realize the shape is a major design FAIL!

See..here is the model:

And here is what we had...
 The flooring break up makes it really limited as to where we put furniture.  Right now the couch is actually angled in the corner which helps...but putting chairs together in this space to have a conversation is a joke.
 The kitchen I am ready to tear out with my bare hands.  Everything builder grade is toast.  The quality is just junk. 
This entertainment center and tv is going soon.    
I told Kristen I wanted my house to look more "beachy" and comfortable.  I want more layers of lighting and something more me

 Pop on over to her new blog to see what she came up with for me and tell me what you think!  

You will DIE when you see her prices...she is totally affordable if you want some extra help in your space but can't pay $250 and  be put on a 6 month waiting list like some other design bloggers!