Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

My dad and I took the kids after school to cross off the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine off our summer to do list.  
We go up there every summer and they love looking at all the big trucks and cool rocks. 
 This is only the top 1/3 of the mine pit!
They have a great area outside with things the kids can touch, like old mining cars.
And of course you have to get your picture taken next to the giant tire...2012...
 and 2007!  
OH my babies!  
They are big kids now!
This picture is for my mom...she still talks about us being at Yosemite and climbing up the falls where all the signs say "No climbing...slippery, wet rocks."  (it was a drought year, there wasn't even water near us...)  
 But here is Lauren climbing on some railing right in front of the OTHER railing with the posted sign.  
Mom, I promise she was NOT in danger at any time!
There is a nice little visitors center inside with some great displays, cool rocks and lots of trucks.  
 We used to come home from this place and I would find the boys playing "miner" all over the house with Dan's headlight.
It was a gorgeous day up there!
  There is a coupon on line to get in for free until the 31st - otherwise I believe it is $5 a car, still worth it if you need to pay.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why we never went when we lived out there, it looks so fun! Where do I get said coupon? I want to take the kids up there next week when school gets out:)