Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disneyland Day 2

Our 2nd day of vacation we headed over to California Adventure!  We love it but it was sort of sad there was so much construction going on.  Getting in and out of the park took forever long detours.  And we really hate the new entrance....the letters spelling California were so much fun! New entrance, boring!
 First up, Soarin over California!  Lauren is a tall girl and thankfully was able to go on all the big kid rides.  She loved this one! 
 Nice, once decent picture and the camera setting is on "Lame photographer (me)with a dash of overexposure."
Phineas and Ferb Dance Party.  Lauren got up with another girl to dance.  And we then spent the rest of the day singing about squirrels in our pants.
 Oh my goodness, I just had to throw this picture in - he's getting more handsome every day!
 We had a special date at Ariel's Grotto to have lunch with the princesses.  Dan was cute and bought Lauren an autograph book.  She was so excited!
 Lauren meeting Ariel...
 So sweet!
 Look at how cute everything is here...
What a fun little place to have lunch!
 Lauren LOVED Aurora...she was so sweet.  She told Lauren that her and Prince Phillip would leave the door to the castle open for her and to please come and visit.  So of course LuLu took this to heart and talked about it the rest of the day/trip/still.
 Lauren and "Snow Wipe" as she used to call her. 
 Sweet Belle - she gave Lauren a kiss on the cheek and Lauren was just speechless.
 Looking sideways at all the princesses, as if to make sure they were really there? 
 Oh the food was yummy!  It should have been for $190 for the 5 of us.  Can you believe it?  Most expensive lunch ever.  I actually paid a little less by buying our tickets online.  We will most likely never do this again and it was a great way to sit and relax for awhile so Lauren could see her dreams in real life by meeting her princess friends!
 Getting ready for Toy Story Mania!  We love this ride!
 Don't mess with the 3d glasses baby.
 My boys giggles...we all crack up when the worm says "Mom told me carrots are good for my eyes, but I don't want to put carrots in my eyes!
 We headed back over to Disneyland for the Music was okay.  Not my favorite.
 Dancing genies...
 Lauren LOVED the Tangled tower with all the princesses on it.
A rare sighting of Mary Poppins!  


Anne said...

Can't wait to see Mary Poppins! ou're kids were obviously enjoying! Can't wait for my Disney Halloween too. Thanks!

NatRat said...

Oh...this so makes me want to go! I am going to get on that, or make Collin get on that! Great pics Kristen. I LOVE the one of you and your boys, you look like a hottie!