Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Bride

 My sister in law, Sheree and her fiancee Bryce tied the knot 2 weeks ago at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple
 So fun, who doesn't love a great wedding?  Did you know I am totally addicted to weddings?  I could plan mine 100 times over and then some. 
 I begged her she asked me to do her wedding flowers.  Which is normally not a big deal.  But with her grandmother (our sweet Nanny) passing away and the funeral the day before, it made it really tricky.  I normally have the entire day before to do them but I didn't get started until after 7 that night.
The newlyweds with my mother and father in law.
 My cute sister in law, Sarah with baby Annie
 My brother in law Adam with his daughter, Sally.
I lucked out when I married into this family, I got an instant friend with my sweet sister in law, Mindy.  She is amazing and so thoughtful.  She is always doing for other people. 
That is Dan's brother, Nate in the background flying their daughter Lily around the room.  
That totally made me laugh when I noticed that.  SO Nate.
 Sheree with her four handsome brothers.  Dan, Nate, Adam and Tim.  Tim is finishing up his Ph.D in Atlanta and we are all hoping he finds a cute wife sometime soon.  He would be a catch for sure!
 All the Olsen girls.
 Dan's sister, Lacy and her daughter Annie. 
 Brother in law, Jayson and his sad little boy John. 
 They had a crepe bar...oh my goodness, it was so yummy!  All sorts of berries and toppings.  I am trying to come up with a french theme read for book club just so I can serve these.
 Her cake that did not want to stand up. 
She wanted tall centerpieces so we came up with these, a stargazer lily, dendrob orchids, lemon leaf and an orange rose. 
 Lauren was a flower girl.  She was really excited to wear her dress.
 Even MORE excited to see the princess.  She kept calling Sheree the "Princess" all night. 
 Little flower girls with the bride and groom.
 Dan dancing with his mom
 This moment just melted my heart...Dan and Lauren started dancing and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.
 She was smiling so big, she loved it!
 You can see all the pretty chinese lanterns they had on the ceiling in pink, green and orange.  It looked really nice.
 Lauren was mad mad mad that she didn't catch the bouquet.  I snuck off and made her a little one of her own to bring home.
Letting lanterns go in the sky to send of the newlyweds
 We stayed until late to help clean up the party.  It was a long, long day but what a happy one!


Melinda said...

What a cute family! The flowers you do are always amazing!