Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beachie in Balboa

Disneyland wore us out.  Dan was having "issues" with his new job, Graham was still not feeling his best and we decided to just sleep in on our last morning.

 My sister in law called and woke us up at 7 a.m. to let us know that Dan's grandmother (we called her Nanny) had passed away.  

Sad sad news.  We all loved Nanny.  She was amazing.

We packed up the kids and the car and decided to take the kids over to the beach.  The weather was a little chilly but Lauren had never seen the ocean and I needed to stick my toes in the sand.  Be on the edge of things if you will.
 I feel so stuck out here in the middle of Utah sometimes.  Landlocked.
 It looks a lot colder than it was...we all got at least a little bit in the water.
 Graham started immediately on building a fortress.
 This is how my kids should be spending summer.  Spending hours on the beach looking for seashells and building moats.
Lauren was fearless of the ocean.  She kept going back in for more despite the cold!  Dan was the watchful eye in the water with her to keep her from getting swept away!
 Like this! 
 Greg loved finding all sorts of sea treasures to add to the sand castle
 It doesn't really look like it, but the waves were HUGE!
 No really, I don't remember really ever seeing them quite this large this close to the shore. Turns out they were to almost double in size by late afternoon due to a storm coming in.
My cute little surfer boys.  We said good-bye to the ocean and headed on home.  Broke and tired!  
Exactly how a good vacation SHOULD end, right?!