Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disneyland Day 4

 Our last day!  
We wanted to get there early but Graham woke up with a massive headache...so we lazy bones joned in to California Adventure with the 10 a.m. crowd.  I am super grumpy about the new entrance...boring!
 LuLu was our map reader
Greg was excited to see the Up dog over by the Redwood Obstacle Course.  We didn't make it on that this time, sad.  But that is what next time is for, right?!
 We instead headed over to the pier while Dan ran and got us Fast Passes for California Screamin.  Graham and I had a large monetary wager going if he would go on the ride.
 We rode the rockets first (no lines yet!)  and then Dan took Lauren and Graham on the Jellyfish (sorry, lack of official names here) while I took Greg on the worst ride ever, Goofys Flight School, aka We Want to Make Adults Throw Up.
 Me and my cute guys
We hit Ariel's ride again, so cute and the lines went FAST.  As in we practically walked right up.  Here we have ice cream cone head Ariel.
 Ariel trying to make the moves on Eric, what a hussy.
 Gorgeous ranunculous - it's amazing how large these get here in Cali!
 My Dan doll...he comes with big muscles and a few accessories.  Miss Sassy Pants and Goofy.
 They forced me to go on this.  I am scared to death of heights like this.  I begged them to not make me go in a swinging one.  I seriously start having a panic attack the minute I set foot on these.
 Great view of Radiator Spring though!
 It was on this ride when I noticed that Graham is not looking well and Greg freaks out that he has lost his wallet with his life savings of $17.32 in it.  We go back to the flight school and....
  WHEW!  Lucky dog...nothing short of a miracle.
 The night before we got bumped from the Nemo ride since the cast member could not count to 20 correctly.  So we got a "Pass go, head to the straight of the line if you have already spent $2000 card"  Since the line for Toy Story Mania was 75 minutes long, we used it on this and savored the jealous rage other line goers gave to us.  It was like being on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous while wearing clothes from Target.
 LuLu was EXCITED!  We think this ride is super fun!
 Pretending to be Jessie
 Riding the carousel again.  

We interupt this blog post to point out a lack of pictures showing me and Graham on California Screamin.  He and I got in line.  He looked...not well.  We waited about 10 minutes.  He looked a little sad.  We got to our gate for our seats.  I looked down and he was woozy and WHITE.  

I wasn't sure if he was really sick or just scared.  But I felt horrible.  He was miserable and I felt like a loser mom for maybe pushing him to something he was clearly more than just a little nervous about.  

Long story short, dramatic mother son talk with mom teary eyed and little boy crying and me telling him that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CRY IN DISNEYLAND.  If it makes you sad or upset, then DON'T DO IT.  

He is shaking and color is not coming back.  We walk over to get lunch and think that will make him feel better.  Notsomuch.   Story ends with Dan practically carrying Graham out of the park and him sleeping the afternoon away at the hotel.
 Greg seems not bothered by any of this as long as he gets his cookie. 
Lauren, Greg and I finish out the afternoon and to our delight, we spy Princess Jasmine AND Aladdin! A twofer!  With NO line! 
 They were so cute talking to Lauren.  Notice I didn't say with because LuLu is clearly star struck and mute.

 Back to Fantasy Land for what we thought were the last rides...
 Casey Jr.
 And then over to the Tiki Room.  In CA Adventure earlier in the day, some nice couple gave each of my kids a pin and told them about pin trading.  So fun - Greg was really into this so I bought him a lanyard and some pins to start his collection.  He was so proud of them!
Back to It's A Small World.  Where we are standing there chatting and then Greg tells me, "MOM!  I lost a tooth!" Of course you did, Greg.  Because this day has not already been crazy enough.  Our tooth fairy is so amazing (I tell the kids she is the most beautiful fairy they could ever imagine...lol) she wrote Greg a note that night saying "You lost your tooth in a magical place, here is a pin to take its place!" and she left him a Fantasia pin that he had wanted, I said no too and sneaky her bought.
 I loved listening to my kids sing this. 
 A little teacup action
 Best.Picture.Ever.  Love it.
Thankfully, I thought this was the last time here for the day but it was not.  
Graham was feeling okay and we were all able to come back to the park that night for a few more hours. 
I was so happy my Grahamer was doing better...we think he got overtired and dehydrated and the combo just did him in.  SO happy to end the day on a good note with everyone together!

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Emily said...

So fun. All your posts make me want to go back BAD!