Thursday, September 8, 2011

UPrinting Giveaway Winner!

Have you ever heard of Rick Dees on KIIS FM?  
I grew up listening to him - now he has a national show with the Weekly Top 40.  
It's a joke on his show that he's never had more than 7 listeners.

I had 7 entries for this giveaway so I'm laughing at myself that I'm on the same playing field as Mr. Dees himself.!!

The winner of the 16x20 rolled canvas is :

Mary Ann

Congrats and send me an email with your contact information so I can give you details!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey girlie!
I would love to go to the Farm Chick show next year but I'm just not sure yet. If I do this girl would just have to fly. 5 days on the road is a bit more than what I would like to travel anytime soon...ha! You will love it!!! It is a bit much to take in at first. I think I even started to feel dizzy at one point. You just want to take it all in at once and get overloaded..ha! My suggestion would be to wear comfy clothes/shoes and take your time. Oh gosh you have me wanting to go again BAD.. ;)
If I make it up there meeting you and having lunch would be a must!