Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Night in Midway

 We met up with some of Dan's family for a fun Monday night in Midway.  Dan's family has some property up there and it's a great place for the kids to run, explore and play!
 We had a special treat last night to go across the road to a farm at milking time.  Lots of squealing and excitement with the children and the cows.
 In the backyard there is an old horse walking device (name???) that had carnival ride airplanes attached to them.  I've never seen the kids load up so fast to get inside one!  Only problem was Dan was the motor - he hadn't even changed from work yet and there he was pushing them along, much to their delight!
 The ride
I looked over to find LuLu being given a zip line ride by Dan's sister, Jaylene and my niece, Nicole.  Sweetest girls you will ever meet!  Jaya is about to turn 13, hard to believe she was 3 when I met Dan!
 Greg loving every minute of this!
 LuLu found a cute little bridge.  The kids loved looking in the stream and finding bugs.
 The Kohler Farm store in Midway.  They just opened up Memorial Day and they sell raw milk, ice cream and cheeses. 
Utah's Mother of the Year folks, Sally giving the zip line a try.  Except she went down the SUPER fast side of the two and thank goodness my nephew Adam was there to help slow her down so she wouldn't land flat on her back! 
 There were some baby calfs out front that the boys had fun petting. 
 Graham was interested, but not enough to pet it.
 We went back across the street for a BBQ - just in time for a good summer downpour.  Thankfully there was enough help to move all the tables and food under the porch quickly!
 And we were rewarded with this amazing double rainbow!  Beautiful!
 It dried off after dinner to roast marshmallows and have smores.
We love going up to Midway.  It's such a magical place and a nice change from our town now and then.  I love nights like these that the kids can run free and play with their cousins making fun summer time memories!


kjtroxel said...

What a magical night! Great pictures :) I especially love the one of Sally! She looks like she's having a blast!

Melinda said...

What a quintessential summer day! I would be in heaven with the animals, bugs, water, etc. and I'm not even a kid (I wonder what that says about me?)! How fun! And that horse walker/ride is really cool too!