Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaving Kindergarten

Greg had his Kindergarten program yesterday.  
It was a cute little fashion show where all the kids dress up in their favorite outfits.  I was hoping he would want to wear his awesome Popeye costume from Halloween... no way.  He wanted to be Indiana Greg!
He was so cute up there. 
They sang some cute songs afterwards and then there was a little slide show of the year.  I may or may not have gotten a little sad thinking Kindergarten was over for him. 
 With his teacher, Mrs. T.  Graham had her as well and I was so happy when Greg was able to be in her class. She is wonderful and I loved going into her class every week to volunteer.
 Greg with his little friend, M.  I think she is the sweetest thing - but she was super embarrassed to have her picture taken WITH A BOY!!  
Greg and a few of his good buddies.  He wasn't in the same class as any of his church friends this year but it was really good for him to branch out in making new ones.  Greg is really the most kind hearted boy, he reminds me so much of Dan and my dad that way.  
He had a great year and now I have to brace herself and get used to the idea of having him gone from her all day for 1st grade!


KEYSHA said...

I am going to cry when Kindergarten is over with! I can't believe our little boys will be in 1st grade; that is a long day! I will miss having my little buddy around (to entertain Myka!) Greg is such a good kid; you have every right to be a proud mama.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Such a big guy now, moving on and up!

kjtroxel said...

Greg is such a sweet boy! I can't believe how big he's getting! So fun!
He will love first grade...but only after the awesome summer you have planned (love that list!)