Monday, June 20, 2011

Organized Pantry

My house is totally overwhelming to me some days.  Not because of its size by any means, but due to the mess.  I am trying really hard to stay organized while digging myself out of a clutter black hole.

I've decided to stop looking at the whole and only take pieces to work on.  Doable.  Not stressful.  I like it.

First stop - my pantry.  It was GROSS....look, I'll even show you a picture to prove it's disgustingness.
See...oh yuck.
I stopped in a Home Depot and picked up this awesome shelf by ClosetMaid.  $37.50 was a bit to spend, but honestly...can you put a price tag on organization?  Not so much.  Plus it wasn't one of those hang over the door organizers.  You can see this door from my main living room and I thought that would look ugly.  Dan the Handyman hung it in a flash. 
The next morning I cleared everything out and gave it a good scrub down and threw out anything old and expired.  
Lo and behold a new and clean pantry!
I love it! There is so much extra space now!
 Room so I can see this every morning....
(mailed to me from Mississippi, it makes me laugh!  I don't dare use it!)

 Whoo hooo!  Nothing fancy.  There is no added paint, trim work, vinyl, etc.  Just a normal pantry that I can now find things in.
The simple things make me the happiest.


classic • casual • home said...

Great job on the pantry. That "Butt Rub" might be good. My cousin sends us "Slap Ya Mama" from Louisiana and it is like magic seasoning on meat, eggs, name it.

Lani @ Diapers and Divas said...

Love it...I've been eyeing those door organizers too...but afraid that with my seemingly hollow pantry door that it wont hold! Great job!

Donut Diva said...

Great minds must think alike. I did my pantry today too. I don't think the door thing would work for mine since your pantry looks much deeper than mine. I bought a few drawers for the bottom and labeled them. I bought one big one which was too wide to fit in and 3 small ones. So back to the store I go to get 3 small drawers.


Fritzi Marie said...


Looks great! You should try the butt rub. It's popular down here in the South. We bought some for my sister. The packaging is classic.

love love,

kjtroxel said...

Nice work! I love CLEAN!
and do I spy some cute red polka dots? I loved making you that apron!
The "Butt Rub" is try...and we'll come over and help you eat it!

Fabiana said...

Great job with the pantry. Wow, doesn't it make you feel good to get it all organized? I am now following...

ciao from Newport Beach