Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A New Nightgown

Only 34 years in the making!
When I was five I picked out some fabric with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on it.  I was so excited that my mom was going to make me pajamas out of them.

But guess who got the new jammies instead?  
Yes, 34 years later, my mom broke out the fabric and made this sweet nightgown for Lauren.
 She was so happy with them for about 2 minutes.  Then she noticed the sleeves and said they were too big. The arms tickled her and she told me...
"I just want to be a princess in my jammies tomorrow, not in bed!"
Oh I was sad!  I'm going to see if she will give them another try this weekend.  Thank you mom for making my, I mean, Lauren her Snow White pajamas!  They are so cute!
(And to my mother's credit, she and my grandma made all my Easter and beautiful birthday dresses as well as many other things along the way...I am not bitter about never getting Snow White pj's)


Letti said...

That is the sweetest nightgown ever. That material is definitely one of a kind. I hope your daughter starts liking it

kjtroxel said...

So cute! The picture of her looking at the sleeve cracks me up. I love that your mom kept the fabric. Its a darling dress-up gown and maybe one day she'll sleep in them. :)