Sunday, April 10, 2011

The End of the 30's

I'm bracing myself...only two more hours until I hit the last year of my 30's.  
I mean 20's.  
I'm turning TWENTY-nine.  
(cough cough cough lie lie lie)

I've loved my 30's - I had all my sweet babies in my 30's and I've had ten amazing years with my husband and best friend, Dan.  
I am so blessed.  
I love that I felt like I was a grown up (in most regards) and really started letting go of what other people thought and started doing what I wanted. 

Some days I still work on this.

I am still dreaming of living my authentic life and devising plans and schemes of how to get there.  If you know me at all you know those some of those dreams involve flip flops and a state that has a coast.  

For now I am looking forward to a year when lots of things need be to accomplished and new goals are to be set.  I feel like the new me is emerging and I can't wait to see how I turn out before the BIG 4-0 hits. 
I mean 3-0....of course.


Letti said...

Happy Birthday. I am not to far behind you.

Dan said...

Happy Birthday baby!

kjtroxel said...

Wonderful wishes for today! Happy birthday to my best friend. Love you!

scwestover said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Camille

Melinda said...

Have a wonderful birthday Kristen! One day you and me both will live on the coast of our dreams! I hope you get spoiled rotten today!

Fritzi Marie said...

I hope your special day was magical.
Happy Birthday Week!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen! I hope the '40s are fab for you. Love that old photo with the heart-shaped birthday cake. Too cute. :-)