Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lauren Bridgette!

For some reason I am wide awake at 3:30 a.m....I remember 3 years ago getting up this early getting ready to go to the hospital to meet my baby girl.
Dan and I were still deciding her name on the way to the hospital.  Other contenders were Aubrie and Caroline.  Dan called her LuLu from the day we found out she was a girl and that name has stuck more than anything else.  
Sometimes I call her GiGi.
She's been a diva from the get go and loves dressing up changing her outfits hourly, wearing mommy's "whip goss" and carrying around her purses full of treasures!
She brings so much fun into our home and can be one bossy little girl.  I love it when she gives you the "stink eye."  How do girls know how to do that so early?  
She loves being a helper, with anything.  I just walk near the kitchen and she will already be sliding up a chair asking to help me.  
She definitely calls the shots.  I love that she has such a strong willful spirit.  
(I'm hoping this will come in handy when making choices when she's older!
She gives me a run for my money and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
LuLu is a princess of quite a lot - her brothers adore her.  Well, Graham does.  He will do anything for her and is always thinking of sweet ways to show her he loves her.  Greg is her partner in crime but will call her out when she steps out of line.  She runs to these boys with big hugs and kisses the minute they are home from school and she loves "hers guys."
This is her favorite guy right here and the feeling is mutual.  
She adores her daddy and it never fails to remind me of how much I adore him too.  

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! 
We think February 12th is the best day ever - it's the day you came from heaven and made our family complete!
We love you!


Twice as Nice said...

I love the outfit she has on in the first picture. That is so precious.

Why do kids have to grow up so fast? Three is such a fun year. They are independent and the things they say are so funny. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lauren. By the way we call our daughter Lexi, Lexi LuLu quite a bit. Don't know why either.

Katie@Yoga Gal said...

Happy Birthday to Lulu! What an adorable little girl. She reminds me of my 3 year old- sweet and sassy! :D

Melinda said...

What a sweet tribute to Lauren! I especially like the mischievous face she's making in the baking picture! We the days when we'd see her in nursery. She'd always come in and tell me about her shoes in true girl fashion :)

kjtroxel said...

Love that girl! I am my fav pic if the last one. I love that active girl...sign her up for a dance class :)

Kristen said...

She is so cute! Happy birthday Lauren!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I knew your sweet girl better! This is such a cute post! Isn't it such a fun "ride" having a daughter? Maybe we can hook her up with either Jack or Myles...

KEYSHA said...

Oh my! How is sweet little Lauren already three? She is such a darling little thing and I love her "girly" personality. What a fun are such a wonderful mom and I can just see Lauren growing up following in your crafty and creative footsteps! (missed you at book club!)