Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Organized - Day Twelve!

Day 12 - The Spice Cabinet

This one was a cabinet that really needed to be done.  
 What a mess.  Who lives here?
 I don't think I have taken everything out of this cupboard since we moved in six years ago.  So I gave everything a super good cleaning and scrubbed it out.
I even found the electric knife that we have been looking for, for the past two years.  So that was exciting! we are for the after shot. 
So much better!  I threw out a lot of things and some I moved down to the basement food storage room since we rarely use them.  

The kids and I are spending the rest of the afternoon making apple spice muffins and zuchinni bread.  

Graham is still really sad about losing his brand new watch from Christmas at IKEA the other day (he took it off in the bathroom because he was afraid to get it wet and forgot it) so he is being a great helper trying to earn money for a new one.  
I wonder why someone couldn't have been honest and just turned it in to the lost and found?  


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Carlie and Trent & Co. said...

Looks great! Isn't it nice to get everything organized?

kjtroxel said...

makes me sad about his watch. good boy for trying to earn a new one.

And look at you, all organized and stuff.

Twice as Nice said...

Speaking of your storage room, I've been meaning to ask you where you get all of your coupons. I just get them in the Sunday paper and have never tried printing any on line. Is that where you get most of yours and which sites do you like best? I think Twin and I are going to start taking coupons a little more serious this year and have some fun with it.

Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

Great job girlie!!!!


The Watts Watch said...

Looks great!