Monday, January 24, 2011

Where I've Been

Well apparently there are those who think I am dying or injured because I haven't blogged for awhile.  I didn't realize my well being in the minds of others was so linked to this little page. But several inquiries have made me think differently.

I have been:
  • Organizing and cleaning my home
  • Doing lots of basement touch up painting (NEVER again will I do this myself, Hire it out people, HIRE IT OUT
  • Dealing with three little ones who were off track for 5 weeks.  UGH.  They went back to school today and we are all friends again.
  •  Going to lots of movies (okay two this month, more than one is considered a lot
  • Exercising, I've lost 9 pounds this month, only 41 more to go
  • Staying up way too late watching shows like Undercover Boss and Ghost Adventures.  That show is so funny and cool at the same time. 
  • Being a Cub Committee Chairperson trying to plan out the year for Cub Scouts, subbing for Primary classes and I'm now on my 3rd week of being a Den Leader.  Oh, and I'm hosting Joy School tomorrow.
Soooo....not much time for blogging.  Or taking pictures.  Which is super sad since Dan bought me a Canon Rebel T2i along with a telephoto zoom lens for Christmas and it kicks camera butt. 
Isn't it pretty?  I almost have the inclination to name it.


Anonymous said...

You should name it! Name it something sassy!

Twice as Nice said...

I have been wanting a new camera. Get it out and get using it girl so I can know if this is the camera for me!! Are you exercising at home? I started a 30 day program and I am going to stick with it, really I am! I would like to lose 5-10 but mostly TONE up. Good Luck.

kjtroxel said...

glad your doing well ;)
jealous of your sassy camera!
Yeah for you! ( pounds is sooo great! Your early mornings are working.

Anonymous said...

I read your comment yesterday on "Just a Girl's" blog, and was a little saddened by it. You said one of the reasons for not attending the Blissdom conference is that you really weren't "in the clique" enough to enjoy yourself.
May I ask what you meant by that? It seems to me that bloggers are very welcoming (I am not a blogger, just a casual reader). In any case, I enjoy your blog as well. Matter of fact, I heard about your site from Just a Girls.

Well, maybe next year...

The Mulberry Girl said...

Dear Anon (or friend - shall I call you that?)

Most bloggers ARE very welcoming!!! However, when it came to attending Blissdom, it felt awkward to me being such a small fish in a very large um,...ocean? I only have a handful of readers compared to others who have 1000's. Chris @ JAG is one I've known since she first started her blog and I love her to death. I mentioned to several friends that I was wanting to go and tried to line up roommates with no response only to find them making other accommodations weeks later. I pretty much felt ignored via the conversations on Twitter, etc. so I decided against going. It was a lot of money to fly out and pay for hotels, etc coming from Utah and I honestly felt it was too much to spend to get there and be the odd one out.

I've love to get more into it but honestly it came down to I'm a sensitive girl and a few "friends" hurt my feelings. Yes, I should've gotten over it and just gone. Like you said, maybe next year!!

I appreciate your concern though - I truly mean that.


Fritzi Marie said...

Busy Lady,

Sounds like you have been having way too much fun. Good for you, you deserve it. What movies did you see? There have been so many good one's out lately. Dan and I can't help but sneak over to the theater way too often. We even drove to Georgia to see one. So silly. I love your new camera. I'm getting ready to get mine. I've been saving up for a few months. I can't wait to play with it. I also can't wait to see what you do with yours. Post some photo's soon, pretty please.
I hope you are having a lovely week.


I Heart Salt Lake said...

So jealous of your new camera!
I am new to your blog but I am loving it so far :)

Anonymous said...

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