Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Organized

Very few people know that I claim to be organized but I am actually NOT.  I know, I know, the ugly lies!  
It's all lies.

I juggle a lot of different responsibilities with church, my family, the kids school, and then there are the things I love to do like craft, blog, garden, read, cook, etc.  
This does not bode well in keeping my home organized.  

I'm going to guess that I have spent at least a weeks worth of time in 2010 looking for things that should've been easy to find and another week of my time cursing about not being able to find them.
Nothing like swearing about *where the bleep* are the church shoes are while you are getting ready to worship the Lord.   I am going to hell - I know it.

SO....I am linking up to a new blog I recently found called A Bowl Full of Lemons.  She is hosting a 21 days to being organized party or something like that.  
It starts of course on the 1st and I am planning on great things occurring here at home.  Not perfection, just improvements.  And I'm going to work on that sailors mouth of mine while I'm at it.  ;) 
So unattractive.  

Only one more day of 2010!  Have a safe and Happy New Year!!


Denise said...

I did not know that my cousin had a sailor's mouth. LOL.

NatRat said...

Let me know how it goes...I need some serious organizing, but probably serious dejunking first. :)

kjtroxel said...

love this idea! I'd also love for you to come over and help me dejunkify the wardrobe. Do you need help with yours too?

The Mulberry Girl said...
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