Sunday, November 7, 2010

Graham's Baptism Day

Our oldest son, Graham, was baptized on Saturday by Dan.  I thought I would be super stressed out getting everything ready (the luncheon, etc.) but it all went really well.
Except for half of my pictures turning out blurry - darn the new camera.  Life goes on, I don't have a single photo from my baptism day and I've lived to tell about it so Graham has at least a few more than me!

He took the decision of whether or not to be baptized very seriously and it has been interesting to watch his change of heart.  From "I don't think so" to him being excited about it.  He was so cute and a bit shy that morning, but was so sweet and happy afterward when he came up to me and gave me a great big hug.  

We had a huge yummy luncheon at our home after where Graham announced "Eat all that you want!  It's a free for all!"  Ha!!
(There was a lot of food, half of the people we invited were no shows.  This really hurt my feelings at first but then I got over it.  Everyone that needed to be there was there and that was what was important.  Next time I will cut the invitation list in half for sure.)
We are grateful to family and friends who took their Saturday to show our son their love and support.  It meant so much to me. 

I had a book in our entry way for everyone to leave Graham a note to help him remember his special day.
If nothing else - I hope for my children that they develop a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  
We love you Graham and we are proud of you and your decision to follow Christ and His example.


kjtroxel said...

it was a beautiful afternoon!

Melinda said...

Looks like everything was perfect! I know what you mean about making tons of food for guests that never show :( That happened with a couple bridal showers I threw and I was peeved for awhile. Sometimes giving an email for RSVP or doing invites through facebook is helpful. I notice people RSVP (slightly) better if they don't have to call to do it. What has happened to good old fashioned etiquette?

Anonymous said...

I love the book idea. Can I borrow/steal it? Tay's baptism is 2years away and I am already stressed out about it. I may be calling you up for get ready!

Kerstin said...

While I am very happy the Graham's Baptism day went well, it breaks my heart that people didn't treat you with the consideration you deserve.

Regardless, you have more class then to mull it over for too long! :)

Nic said...

Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...
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