Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Life has been crazy here at our home but I wanted to show a few pictures of our Halloween.  I was the meanest mom ever when I told the boys I refused to let them wear costumes that involved masks.  I don't like masks and frankly they are a huge safety hazard in my eyes when trick or treating at night.
 Graham went as Indiana Jones.  
We already had everything except the satchel...I bought a .99 cent bag at Hobby Lobby, cut off the short handles and took some brown corduroy fabric to make a new long handle and a front for the bag.  It looked like a flap satchel but it was open at the top so he could put his trick or treat candy in there!
 To make a whip I bought brown duct tape and Dan wrapped it around some rope we had here at home.   The hat I got at a garage sale last summer.
Greg decided to be Popeye.  I was totally thrilled when he told me he wanted to be this because I knew there would be 50 other Iron Men dressed kids and no one else would be Popeye. 
Except no one makes a kids Popeye costume.  
Sailor Hat - Target 
Blue sweat pants (hey, it gets cold here on Halloween) Wal-Mart
The sweatshirt I made with stick on felt, ribbon and felt stars (for the back of the collar)
Corn Cob Pipe made by grandpa with Gorilla Glue and Indian Corn
Arms - I took batting and wrapped it around his arms, then knee high nylons and cut off the foot, sliding it up and over the batting.  We weren't sure how well it would stay put (it did great) so the first time he wore it I wrapped the end around his wrist with black electrical tape. 
Felt cut out anchors from a pattern I got when I googled "anchor"  - I blew it up, cut two out and then cut that out from felt and hot glued them onto the nylons. 
Spinach can is an empty paint can from Lowes that I hot glued wrapping paper shreds to the rim.  I had the word "SPINACH" on both sides of the can in vinyl and he used this to collect his candy in!  
 "I yam what I yam!"
 LuLu was "Snow Wipe" as she calls her.  She LOVES Snow White - so I bought her costume and wand at the Disney Store back in August when they were on sale. It cost me $5 more than the Target version and it is SO much cuter! I found her red sequin shoes at Wal-Mart and made her hair bow.  I knew she wouldn't leave in a headband so we went this route. 
She told everyone she saw "Hi!  I LAUREN!"  Somehow they gave her candy anyhow without her having to say Trick or Treat!
Getting a picture of all three of them was nearly impossible.  They had so much fun at the school parties, our church's trunk or treat and then thankfully the rain stopped long enough for them to Trick or Treat.  Since when did Halloween become as crazy as Christmas?  


Melinda said...

I LOVE all of these costumes! Lauren was talking non-stop about her snow white outfit in nursery. I could tell she was excited about it. I told her I wanted her shoes. My mom never let me get red sparkly shoes when I was little and so now I envy little girls wearing them.

Chris said...

Okay. They are ridiculously cute! That Popeye costume is awesome! Cutest kids in their class, I'm SURE!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love all of their costumes! So nice to see classic characters.

Denise said...

You are so creative. I am so impressed. Love you.

Alisa said...

I love the costumes! Graham is a perfect Indiana Jones ...

I'm the same with masks so as the boys have gotten older I've gotten better with face paint. lol

All That Glitters said...

I'm just in love with all of there costumes!!! how neat the popeye costume!!!

kjtroxel said...

So great! I love the pictures. Indiana's tough guy expression. Popeye's pose. Snow wipe's pretty dress and even prettier face.
Love those kids of yours!
And you are one talented chica!