Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crazy Thanksgiving

None of this weekend went as planned. 
Just as I was thinking about putting our turkey in the oven Thursday morning, I got a frantic phone call from my mom saying she had called 911 for my dad.  The paramedics took him to the ER and we followed behind, waiting for xrays, etc. to tell us what had made him pass out and lose quite a bit of blood.  
Nothing really prepares you for seeing your dad on a gurney being taken out of his home.  

After three hours of cleaning up the mess at their house, going back to the hospital and having dinner at 7 pm instead of 2...we were all pretty exhausted.

They kept him in the ICU until they could figure out what was going on.  Thankfully he is now home and doing okay.

Dan and I had reservations to stay at The Zermatt in Midway Friday night.
We stayed here before about two years ago and I just love it.
The ceiling of the tea room.
Midway is where Dan's family settled from Switzerland and they have a lot of streets named after them here. 
Anything Lacy, Martha or Burgi is us!
It's just over the hill from us but feels like a real getaway to me.
 Us trying to take a was cracking up. 
Don't look at my hair - did I mention my hairdresser fired me?
I'm postponing and looking for a new one, which I really dislike doing by the way.
 Still laughing.
 I found my dream home down the street from the resort.  You can see the listing and amount here.  
Cough, cough, cough. 
We tried some new places to eat at.  Tarahumara for a yummy Mexican dinner with huge salsa bar.  Dan was in heaven.  We tried this fun place for breakfast.
 How could you not stop here?
 How could you not take a picture of your husband wearing an ice cream cone hat?
Fun things to look at everywhere! I was so distracted I could've ordered chopped liver and not have known it.
 Monkeys were swinging from the ceiling it was that great!
 There was even a horse and buggy getting coffee in the drive thru!  So exciting!!  Out of the ordinary anyhow.
 A man who thinks invests in Finks!  
(My maiden name you know....)
Isn't this fun?  
The breakfast was simple, like our stay, but it was a much needed night to relax after such a crazy Thanksgiving Day.

How was your turkey day?  Anything upside down like ours?

 I am grateful for people like nurses, doctors, EMT's, etc. who work on holidays.  
Thank you for taking care of my dad.


Fritzi Marie said...

I am so happy to hear that your Daddy is okay. I've been thinking about him and you since Thursday. I agree nothing is more scary than seeing your Daddy wheeled out of his home on a gerny. Thank goodness everything is okay.

love you,

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad your dad is ok!

Heidi said...

I'm glad that your dad is doing well and is home! Looks like a wonderful time in Midway. I'm sure someday we will be next door neighbors there as well when we retire. Or we could go in on this house together since it looks big enough to swallow both our current houses. You take one wing and I'll take the other! :)

KEYSHA said...

Kristen, I am so sorry your Thanksgiving day was so hectic. I hope your Dad is doing well....I think there is nothing worse than seeing your parents in pain! Very glad you were able to still use your Zermatt pass (really hoping all went well for you there:) We love that Mexcican restaurant too and I will have to try that quaint place you had breakfast at!

kjtroxel said...

Kristen! That makes me so sad. I love your dad...I wish I had known and could have helped out in some way.
I am glad you were all able to end up enjoying your weekend and that your dad is okay!

Alisa said...

Glad your dad is home & doing okay. Sorry about the scare.

We love Taramuhara's! Dan would pick it every week for our datenight. We haven't been to the little ice cream parlor place yet.

You'll have to try Cafe Galleria next time you're this way. Yummy pizza!!