Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kjersten!

I am REALLY late in the day posting this, but today was my best friend Kjersten's birthday.

With looks like ours we won't discuss ages. 
In my mind we still look 18 like this:
 With our 3rd of our trio, Danielle.  
I have known Dani since I was two and Kj moved to our town when we were 7? 8?  We were little.  We met when I was asked to show her where our Sunday School class was at church.
 We were in-sep-er-able!  
I mean it!  
There wasn't anything we didn't do together.  We were at each other's houses all the time, after going to early morning seminary and then school we would still hang out after school and then talk on the phone every night! 
 Except for rocking perms.  I don't remember Kj ever having one as rad as mine.  
Yes, I said rad.
We were roommates for awhile at BYU even - so much fun!  We each have three children now and I love that they are close in age and have fun together.  I love that she lives 10 minutes from me although we don't see each other as often as we would like to!

She is beautiful, funny, talented, crafty, smart, chatty and tender hearted. She is adventurous, brave, resilient, a great mom and wife, an excellent chef and so very thoughtful.  
She is one of the few people who knows me by a look or a word. 
I love that, don't you? 
That kind of friend you can just give a look to and then the giggles start? 
I have that with her and Danielle.
I am so lucky to call Kjersten my dear friend.

Happy Birthday Kj!
I hope your day was a beautiful one!
"Who's calling please?"


Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to search online, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Kris

Fritzi Marie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kjersten.


Melinda said...

I'm loving these old pictures of you!