Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Lake Effect

 Dan and I took the minis up to the mountains for some fresh air and a change of view. This is Silver Lake up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. 
 It was crisp and cool outside.  Perfect for an evening stroll.  This lake is awesome since it has a boardwalk trail all the way around it.
 Lots of cool rocks to climb on..
Lots of places to give daddy some sugar.
 Not enough people to notice my major fashion faux pas of wearing capris with tennis shoes (!!!)
 Lots of places to explore and discover.
 Or to be fearless and make mommy nervous.
 To find where wildlife has been.
 Ore pretend you are wildlife.
 Or just grin and be happy to be outdoors.
Or sing about Snow White and Barbie to your audience of ducks in the water to your hearts delight.
Or to just be happy you are in love and have a family.
(No, we did not carve that...I say it says, DK, Graham said it was OK but whatever)


kjtroxel said...

we love it there too! it was perfect yesterday to go hiking. (Cade watched with me and said: "There's Lauren! each time he saw plan is working!)

Melinda said...

So lovely! I've never been here, but I really want to go!