Thursday, September 9, 2010

Basement Paint Colors

I think the colors have been officially decided upon - or not.  
We have been busy priming the basement inbetween sports, school, homework, work and church callings.  So that means we have about one hour a week to paint - ha!

I had my heart set on a blue grey laundry room and officially decided on Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.
Except once I hung up the sample in my notsomuch light laundry room - it looked dirty gray.

Back to the drawing board I am now leaning towards this:

Glidden's Quiet Rain
and for the rest of the rooms I just so happened to pick the paint with THE worst possible name in the universe:

Sherwin Williams Practical Beige
What person names a paint this?  Who really wants to buy something with this name?
But there is a huge problem...the SW has too much warm undertone and the Glidden is cool, which I prefer.

So it looks like I'm heading over to see my good friend Benjamin Moore sometime soon to see if he can help me out.


Heidi Totten said...

I'm just offering - I could contribute an hour with you to painting and you know I have experience with it - not as much as Lou, but still.

Kristen said...

Heidi - NO one has as much experience as Lou! Thank you for the offer, you are so sweet.

Nic said...

I get so nervous picking paint colors!! I like both of those though!

kjtroxel said...

practical beige...ha!

Anonymous said...

Find and select some good things from you and it aids me to solve a problem, thanks.

- Henry