Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strightened Out or Not Thinking Straight

I can't quite decide which I've become of the two.

But somehow I have found myself couponing with a vengeance and loving that new hobby (it's addicting, trust me)  garage saleing and loving that just as much (the thrill of the hunt!) and now I am growing a garden and envious of those with large, flat yards that get lots of sun.  

I haven't been to a Nordstrom an undisclosed amount of time and have kept a zero balance on my card for over three years now.  
Who have I become?!

The garden part has been very effortless and lots of fun for the minis, just what I had hoped for!
This is the first of what we brought in from our little garden.  We brought in (or as the boys like to call it, harvested) another batch just a tad bigger tonight.
I need to make a small batch of salsa, pronto.  I'm wondering if I can freeze it or does it have to be full on hot water bathed?

Anyone with any salsa canning experience out there?  


Heidi said...

We canned salsa last year and you don't need to hot water bathe it. I don't think you can freeze it (but why not try it?). I'll stop by tomorrow and tell you how we did it. :)

kjtroxel said...

I dice and freeze my tomatoes. They're only good for sauce or adding to recipes after that but worth it! I assume they would be good in salsa.
They just get a little mushy.
And no, I don't bother peeling them
I need that link to the grocery store coupon matching website again...and maybe another tutorial :)

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I *dream* of having a garden one day.

Good on you on the thrifty habits. I am growing to love all those things more and more.

Nic said...

Look at you!!! Maybe I need you to give me some advice but we'll do that AFTER I go to the mall today..LOL

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

No idea about canning but those little carrots are the cutest thing ever!

Allison said...

We talked about this yesterday, but YES! Unless you want to die you need to process it in a hot water bath.

Erica said...

My mother makes the best salsa every summer and she freezes the jars. They taste just as good as they do fresh.