Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of Sorts

Do you ever just feel a little out of sorts?  
Almost like a "how did I get HERE doing THIS?"

That is about how I have felt all week.  I just want to stay in my little house cocoon to try and figure my "stuff" out. 
Just have quiet and listen.

But we all know with three kids staying in one place anywhere gets you crawled and climbed on and there is most certainly not peace and quiet!
 I just know I am not living my authentic life.  I'm not sure what that is...but I know that this isn't it.  
The grass is always greener, right? 
Or maybe the ocean is always bluer?  
I would like to be here thinking about that one...
I think I need to make a few lists and a wish.


Teresa said...

I completely GET what you are saying!
I've been feeling the EXACT same way lately!
Like I just need some space...
to get my life in sync!
That's how I feel!

Fritzi Marie said...

Pretty Kristen,

I'm with you too. Let's run away and go to the beach.
I'm reading Eat Pray Love, have you read it?
It talks about living in the now, not the past and not the future.
I'm trying to live in the present. It's hard but I think there is something to it.
Some days I feel like I am still waiting for my life to start then I remember that I am almost 35 years old.
You, my dear, are great about living in the present and following your dreams.
Make those wishes and write those lists. When you write a list, you mean business. I've seen you in action.
love you,

p.s. Those pirate ships are so cool!

kjtroxel said...

yep...you pretty much summed it up!
I think that unsettled feeling is on purpose so we keep learning, growing, perfecting.
Still, I may become a movie star...you'll see (wink)

Denise said...

Thanks for saying what I am feeling today. You always think you are the only one. It is a heavy load I am carrying in my backpack today. :(