Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trying to Get to Disney

 We have had a Disney vacation planned for a few months - and of course a big storm was coming in so we had to leave a day early to beat it on the road.  Which meant I packed all five of us up in TWO hours! 
Crazy fun - (it was actually, very adventurous in a way.
We got Lauren dropped off at her Nanny's (I only cried until we got to the freeway) and we had a few patches of road on the way to St. George that it was pretty much a white out.  Could not even see the lines on the road.  Dan was a trooper and respected my request not to drive in the blizzard.  Thanks babe.

We got to St. George and had a great sleep.  Ready to go - we woke up to a flat tire!  WHAT?!  Better there than on the road at midnight, right?!  You know it! 
 Dan did his best to change the tire...but let's face it, he hasn't been hitting the gym lately like I have so he needed some girlie muscles to help him out.  
Totally kidding...I did nothing but put on gloves and laugh in this picture.
 Thankfully there was a Wal-Star-Mart up the road (that's what the boys call it.)  So I wandered with the kids, got Graham's haircut, got a pedicure, bought some shoes while we waited.  (Just kidding, sort of...)
And we were back on the road in no time!  We had great weather the rest of the way and it actually made the trip easier for the kids to break it up so much.  More of Disneyland later!!


Kristen said...

Thanks for the laugh! What a fun memory.

kjtroxel said...

HA! What a cute picture of you. You should change tires more often! :)