Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas at Disneyland!

We finally made it!  I love how Disneyland decorates for Christmas!  If you can't get in the holiday mood here, then there is no hope for you I guess. 
 First up is Dumbo - it's a tradition that we ride this very first on the first day and the carousel is always the last ride on our last night.  Just something silly I made up last time but the boys wanted to stick to it!
 They have their feathers ready to go!

 Trying to pull out the sword.  They had to do this every time we walked by.  I've heard that at certain times Merlin does come out and a lucky child is crowned and gets to pull the sword out.  I've never seen this happen though.
 Teacups!  I love how this ride always makes me laugh SO hard. 

The new Princess and the Frog show on the Mark Twain riverboat. 
This is pretty much what every picture of Greg looks like...silly goose. He's gotten to be quite the comedian lately. 

Scenes from A Christmas Fantasy Parade.  It was pretty cute.  Not such a catchy tune that I sung for days like The Play Parade, but still fun.  One of Cinderella's step-sisters came over to Greg, blew him a kiss and then fainted.  I thought it was so funny!  Greg was NOT amused.  
Santa Claus!
A tired mom and dad!
We capped it off by going on It's A Small World.  I have not been on this ride since I was 18 and I LOVE it!  They changed the music to go back and forth between the title song and Jingle Bells and it was so much fun!


kjtroxel said...

Awwww! Look at that darling smile on Dan. Snuggling with you is how to get a real smile out of him!!!
Cute pic you lovebirds!

Anonymous said...

Well I know your supposed to be "tired" in that picture, but I think you look really cute:) Looks like a fun and eventful trip. Thanks for making me jelous;)

Kristen said...

Reading this makes me want to go to Disneyland so bad!!!! Christmastime looks fun!

TAMI said...

How much fun!! Your "first" and "last" rides tradition sounds good!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

How fun - I only get to Disneyland every 4 or so years, and I've seen the sword come out every time! How funny. We're going to Disneyworld this spring break and I could not be more excited! You guys are adorable.

Allison said...

Kris you look HOT!