Monday, December 21, 2009

Disneyland Wrap Up

Super pic heavy - I'm sick and want to go to bed...but here are the highlights...
I totally love this smile on Graham!
And this face on Dan made me laugh for the next three rides...he braved the Bug's Life Boogie with us and about threw up!
This made me laugh too - I love Beaker, he is so cute!  He looks how I sometimes feel.
We tried three days to get a shot in the "O" - not one person managed to get the whole "O" in.  
Getting ready for our favorite ride - Soarin' Over California!
(Yes, Patrick, there is something else you can do for me.... ha!) I have a HUGE crush on Patrick Warburton.  Dan knows about this and knows my chances of ever meeting him are slim and none. 
"Greg!  Let me take your, ok, I'll take a picture of your tortilla face in front of the factory instead I guess?"
Same thing as last year.  Should've known and the dumb thing already broke.  Dan re-engineered it to be Peter Pan's shorter sword.  Smart thinking boys!
Right before Graham accidentally whacked the nice Indian lady in the foot.  In his defense, she was in open toed sandals.  And then she sat in front of us and didn't even know how to paddle a canoe!  For the love of all things, do NOT try to paddle if you don't know how! Pick UP the paddle, don't drag and splat it!  She got us soaked (well, the rain did a little too) but I didn't feel so bad after having to deal with her in the boat.  
This is where I started to not like my children in Disneyland.  Oh my goodness, am I allowed to say that?  You BET.  The whining, the crying, the fighting, two tired boys and THEN we are the LAST in the line to meet Mickey.  Not wanting to cause more of a scene, I simply kneeled down and I did what every good mother does - I whispered to them if they waited patiently, walked in to meet Mickey happily and smiled for the camera NICELY (GREG!) Daddy would buy them an ice cream cone at the parade. 
Not bribery, rewards, friends.  Rewards. 
" want two scoops? "
You know what mommy said next don't you?
Judge me if you want, I had had it and I got my two great pictures lickety split!  
Pun intended. 
 Mmmm...the payoff. 
This was about 20 minutes before some jerk kicked Greg in the head while waiting for the fireworks and having to listen to some couple yell at their daughter "Hannah!" for just as long.  I think the tired brings out the ugly in all of us sometimes.   Not ME of course, simply talking rude about other people here.
We finished up the night and this is when the boys win me over.  At bedtime.  Look at those cutie patooties.  Begging me to tell the stories..they sure are cute.
But this is the favorite picture of the trip.  Every night ended this way.  Tired boys are happy boys!

I'm starting to save next month for our next trip - this time LuLu will get to come along!  
I'm already more excited about this than the kids are!


Melinda said...

That payoff looks delicious right now! So, what did you think of California Adventure? That's the one part of Disneyland I've never visited.

kjtroxel said...

I loved looking at those pics. It helps that I love you guys so much and think your kids are so darling. Just made my day....
now get back in bed! :)

TAMI said...

What a good example you are - SAVING ahead of time!
Soarin' is the BEST!
Welcome back home though I doubt you'll be getting much rest with Christmas almost here.

Anonymous said...

"Super pic heavy"? I think it's funny when people apolgize for posting "too many" pictures. I only look at blogs in hopes of seeing pictures. So, thanks Kristen. I LOVED all your cute pictures:)

NatRat said...

Looks like fun, I too loved the pictures. I haven't posted anything on my blog for like 3 weeks because my camera is boring and I think you need pictures with blog post, or I know me, I only look at the pictures, which is why People magazine is my favorite book, or as close to a book as I am going to get. :)