Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rare Occurance of Me Asking Advice...

Moms of girls - please fill me on on what to do with LuLu.  She is now 22 months old and takes off her pants and diaper every.chance.she.can.get!

I was really not wanting to potty train her until after Christmas but I'm thinking maybe I should just go with it?  This is a year and half earlier than the boys so I am beside myself with joy.  To think that I could not have ANY babies in diapers!!!

Oh...and danger alert...she got out of her crib at nap time.  I had hoped to keep her in there as LONG as a I could and now, in the most expensive month of the year I'm going to be buying her a bed and new bedding. 

Did I mention we have a kitchen table that seats four and she refuses to sit in her high chair any longer either?  


Heidi Totten said...

If I had advice for it, I would give it! Unfortunately, you have seen my utter lack of control over my own daughter (no clothes, swimming suit everywhere she goes, mop of a hair that turns into shorn hair). I wish you good luck. And please don't hate me if I giggle while watching! :)

TAMI said...

Two of our girls were caught out-and-about pantyless several times. If they had a dress on (like at church or a neighbor's birthday party!!), chances were the panties had been stashed elsewhere. However, I don't remember how that did or did not coincide with potty training. I probably blocked it all from my memory - too traumatic!!
Good luck!

Holly said...

Since I am an Early Childhood Specialist, and a mom, I can give you advice, but it might not be what you want to hear. It's eay to forget that you are the mom and she can try, but you are still the one who has the final say. Also does this coincide with your trip and leaving her with relatives?
Just a few days longer to try to keep her in a diaper. Try putting big girl panties on over the diaper and tell her if she keeps them on, then after Christmas she can wear them all the time.
As far as the crib goes...just keep putting her back. She is testing her limits, but just keep putting her back.
At the table...buy a new chair and scoot over. She is determined to be an equal member of the family, so this is one you can give in on.
Best of luck!

kjtroxel said...

No advice. None of mine ever climbed out of the crib...but I'll go shopping for bedding with you! :)
We're trying potty training next week too....heaven help us both!

Robbie said...

22 months was about the age Holli became a streaker. She stripped at the mall once while I was standing at a kiosk. Fun, fun, fun. Once she decided to stop stripping she then wore her Cinderella dress everywhere. :)

As for the bed. I took the side rail off my crib and made it a day bed not sure what kind of crib you had and kept her door closed at night.

Good Luck

Nic said...

Whitney would still rather not wear pants and she is FOUR!! Well, really she would like to be naked all the time! My girls all potty trained well before Drew. You might give it a try and see what happens. Good Luck and yes it's nice to not have to by diapers!

Allison said...

Strong willed! I say potty train her. Go for it! If she is taking everything off I don't see a lot of other choices. But if she fights it I would put her back in diapers and safety pin them somehow so she can't take them off. But 22 months...she could be ready. Girls do it faster than boys.

shayla said...

so I wanna know if LuLu potty trained even a little in the last week? My Vivie has been the same way since she was about 18 mths old and is killing me--she now attempts to change her own diapers if I don't catch the filled diaper in time & change it first (poop included). LOVELY. She just won't sit on the toilet, but certainly wants her bum clean all the time. I have put undies over her diapers, tried pull ups, etc. NIGHTMARE!

Kristen said...

Shay - nooooo! All she will do is take off her wet diaper and walk around nakie bummed. OR she will take off her clothes, pee or poop on the bathroom floor and THEN go sit on the potty and do nothing in it. I have scrubbed my floors more times than you can count this week. What a headache. I'll let you know if we have a brilliant break through!